Can Cats Eat Pizza -A Quick Guide to Keep Your Feline Friend Healthy


by Cindy Smith


About Can Cats Eat Pizza? You love your cat, and it’s normal to want to share a bite of your food with them sometimes. However, nothing is more important than your cat’s health, and when sharing with them, there are some foods to avoid.

It’s difficult to argue with how delicious pizza is. It is, however, made with many different ingredients. So, it’s important to know what effect these ingredients have on your furry friend.

The wrong foods can lead to an unwanted trip to the vet. So we are going to take a look at how you can avoid this. And answer the question, can cats eat pizza?

Table of Contents

1. General Pizza Contents & Your Cat


cheese board

 (cheese board)

Many cats love cheese. Though delicious, cats are typically lactose intolerant. Yes, cats are dependent on milk when infants. As a result, they lose the enzyme that allows them to digest lactose as they age.

Cheeses with higher levels of lactose can lead to diarrhea or vomiting. Thus, leaving you with a mess you want to avoid cleaning!

Tomato Sauce, Garlic & Onion

Cats are carnivorous animals, so tomatoes, garlic, and onions are already a nonessential part of their diet. Tomato sauce has salt (We’ll talk about that later) and spices which also upset your cat’s stomach.

Cats should always avoid garlic & onions (fresh or powdered). Garlic and onions contain compounds called disulfides and thiosulphates.

When cats ingest too much, it can damage your cat’s red blood cells.

Pepperoni, Sausage & Bacon (Processed Meats)

assortment of sausages

(assortment of sausages)

Though cats are predatory animals and would gladly eat any of these meats, cats should avoid them. Processed meats contain high salt and spices that can also upset your cat’s stomach.

If you would like to offer your cat a protein-packed treat choose another option, such as salmon or chicken.


Mushrooms are a safe ingredient for your cat to eat. They even have protein, which is why some cats crave them. However, it’s not the mushroom cats should avoid but the sauce and grease it’s soaked in.


woman rejecting salt

(woman rejecting salt)

Though a bit of salt won’t be a problem for your cat, the ingredients in your pizza (cheese, tomato sauce, and meats) have large amounts of it.

Of course, there are many factors to consider to know precisely how much salt is in each pizza. Consider this example, a single slice of pizza can have up to 600 mg of sodium.

A whole pizza could easily surpass 2300 mg. Taking this into account, keep your furry loved one away from this salty treat.

Can Cats Eat Pizza: Spinach

Vegetables and fruit (Pineapple) on pizza are always hot buttons with people.

But this one, your cat, should avoid it. Not because spinach is harmful to your cat, but because, like the mushroom, it’s soaked in everything else.

So if your cat even likes spinach, it’s best to enjoy it yourself.

Can Cats Eat Pizza: Pineapple

Pineapple? Yes. Pineapple from pizza? Probably not. Fresh pineapple is harmless for your cat. However, pineapple used on pizza is swimming in sauce and grease but likely comes from a can.

Canned pineapple is packed in sugary syrup and contains preservatives that are bad for your cat. So again, pineapple on pizza is a considerable debate between humans. But as far as your cat is concerned, the answer is no.

2. Can Cats Eat Pizza Crust?

Pizza crust will likely bring your cat no harm. There are a lot of carbs in the crust. If anything, it may lead to a chubby kitty.

However, after having a bite or two, your cat probably won’t have much of a craving for it anyway. The main concern comes from what’s in the other ingredients.

3. What To Do If Your Cat Accidentally Ate Pizza?

Can Cats Eat Pizza - child holding an oh no sign

(child holding an oh no sign)

If your cat has managed to find its way into some pizza you may have left out, first, stay calm. Next, check if your cat is experiencing vomiting, irregular breathing, or diarrhea.

Most importantly, call your vet as soon as possible—only attempt DIY procedures after talking to your vet first. Remember, you don’t want to harm your loved one accidentally.


Can Cats Eat Pizza - woman stroking her cat

(woman stroking her cat)

So, if you let your cat have a bite of pizza, is it the end of the world? Should you run to the phone to call the vet? NO! Of course not. Pizza is an indulgent treat for humans, not a portion of healthy food.

For your cat, it can be even more harmful if you are not careful. The spices, cheese, salt, and other ingredients are unhealthy for your cat. And are not worth risking their health. Make sure to keep your pizza properly stored.

Call the vet if your cat has consumed too much or is showing signs of sickness. And remember to ENJOY YOUR PIZZA!