Can Cats Eat Cornbread? What You Need to Know!


by Cindy Smith


You’ve seen many cats eating cornbread. But, veterinarians advise us to be moderate while feeding the meal to our cats. 

So, can cats eat cornbread? If yes, what cornbread ingredients are good? How much of the cornbread is enough?

Here, we provide answers to whether cornbread is safe for your cat.

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Can I Give My Cat Corn Bread?

Freshly baked cornbread

(Freshly baked cornbread)

Yes! You can give your cat cornbread, but in measured amounts. Corn is not toxic, but other cornbread ingredients may harm your cat. These ingredients include cornmeal, baking soda, baking powder, sugar, milk, and butter. And as delicious as they may sound, these ingredients are unsafe for your cat. In large amounts, some ingredients, such as buttermilk, sugar, or even butter, can cause digestive issues. Furthermore, cats are obligate carnivores, and none of the ingredients in cornbread provide any nutritional value.

What Ingredients in Cornbread May Be Harmful to Cats?

Here’s a breakdown of the cornbread ingredients that may harm your cat.


It would be best not to feed your cat butter or any butter-containing cornbread. Butter contains saturated fat, which is toxic to cats and may lead to problems like moderate vomiting or diarrhea. Also, your cat may lose their appetite if the cornbread has enough fat to make them feel full.


(Chartreux cat playing)

Although not all cats are lactose intolerant, most adult cats are. Most cats find it difficult to digest dairy, especially in large amounts. The buttermilk’s undigested carbohydrates are fermented by bacteria in your cat’s intestines, resulting in tummy aches and vomiting. 

Baking Soda

Baking soda is toxic to your cats in large amounts (more than a teaspoon per pound of body weight). The greatest danger is the high sodium concentration of baking soda, which may result in a deadly electrolyte imbalance. Luckily, regular home usage of baking soda in cornbread poses little risk to your cat. 


Symptoms can already appear at 0.5–1 g/kg. Consequently, even a teaspoon of salt in a cat might lead to vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, and dehydration.  

Can Cats Eat Cornbread: Jalapenos

Organic green jalapeno peppers

(Organic green jalapeno peppers)

Jalapenos contain a spicy chemical known as capsaicin which can upset a cat’s hypersensitive gastrointestinal system. The result is that your cat will have burns in the mouth, esophagus, and other digestive system regions.

Frequently Asked Question

Can Cats Eat Cornbread: Can Cat Eat Corn Muffin?

Can Cats Eat Cornbread:  Cornbread muffins and cornbread pone in an iron skillet

(Cornbread muffins and cornbread pone in an iron skillet)

Yes. Corn muffins are cornbread and are acceptable for your cat. Although cornbread is technically safe for cats, this does not imply it should be. Cats don’t require much, if any, carbohydrate in their diet, and cornbread has a low protein content. It means that although cornbread is not poisonous to cats, it has little to no nutritional benefit to them.

Can Cats Eat Corn?

Absolutely. Corn is a cheap filler ingredient used in most commercial dry cat food. Therefore, chances are high that your cat consumes corn daily.  But that’s not to say that corn is useless in a cat’s diet. The dietary fiber, abundant in corn, enables effective meal digestion and aids in controlling your pet’s bowel motions. Additionally, fiber enhances satisfaction and a sense of fullness. Including a small amount of corn in your cat’s everyday food can help them consume fewer calories.

Best Alternatives to Feeding Your Cat Corn

Can Cats Eat Cornbread:  A little girl with a cat

(A little girl with a cat)

The best alternative to feeding your cat corn is by giving them grain-free feline food. Grain-free food is very much like what the cat’s ancestors ate and hence won’t trigger allergic reactions in your cat. Our research shows that the best corn-free cat food is the American Journey dry cat. My cats love the myriad flavors, including chicken, duck, turkey, and salmon-flavored cat food. The only downside with this alternative is that it’s pretty pricey. 

On the cheaper side, a good alternative is the Purina Cat Chow Naturals Grain Free. The dry cat food is cheaper and uses real meat as one of its ingredients. With this, you’re sure your cat is getting enough nutrients without fear of illness. 


So, can cats have cornbread? As mentioned earlier, cornbread has ingredients that may upset your cat. But you need not worry too much if you see your cat munching on a piece of cornbread. Note, try not to add cornbread to your cat’s diet unless directed by your veterinarian. Finally, contact us if you have any gray areas or questions about your cat.